Meet Meagan Vander Kolk, Wellness Director

I am very excited to work at MLC in the wellness department. You all have made me feel so welcome and privileged to be a part of your lives. I have already noticed that Madonna is an exceptional community and I can truly say that I feel right at home.

I was raised in Waterville, IA which has a population of 200 (that may or may not include some cows). I moved up to the BIG city of St. Paul, MN were I worked as a Therapeutic Recreational Therapist at a long term care facility. From there I moved to Rochester, MN and managed two adult foster care group homes for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. I have a Bachelor’s of Education degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

The best part of being a Wellness director is the opportunity to build relationships with residents, staff, family members, care partners, and community members. I am slowly trying to get to know everyone, so if you see me around Madonna please introduce yourself. ‘IOWA’ jokes are always welcome.